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Hayward Lakes Chapter, Hayward, WI (No. 13)

Verbatim from Kermit Benson's 1993 book, History of Muskies, Inc., The First Twenty-Six Years of Progress published by Echo Printing, Alexandria, Minnesota.

“Oscar Treland, Pat Dettloff and Ken Toebe are the three principal people responsible for the formation of the Hayward Lakes Chapter.  Pat Dettloff remembers Gil Hamm contacting her and telling her, that he would like to get a chapter of Muskies, Inc. started in the Hayward area.

A few years before, another muskie organization got involved with several Hayward area businesses and resorts.  Officers of that organization absconded with funds and left several businesses and a healthy membership “out in the cold.”  People had a very bad taste in their mouths from that experience and were somewhat cautious of Muskies, Inc.  Also, many people thought of Muskies, Inc. as a “Minnesota Club” and were apprehensive about getting involved.

Pat Dettloff and Ken Toebe were already involved with Muskies, Inc. and thought it was a worthwhile organization.  They liked the idea of starting a chapter in the Hayward area.  Pat asked for Oscar Treland’s help, telling him she had been advertising with Muskies, Inc. and had gotten a favorable response.  At the next meeting of the Hayward Lakes Resort Association, Pat, Oscar and Ken Toebe - also a Hayward area resort owner – brought up the idea to the group, of forming a chapter in Hayward.  Their idea was accepted and, Hayward Lakes Chapter was born on March 29, 1978.

Oscar and Ken did not think this new organization should become a “resort association” or want it to get into the wrong hands.  So in an effort to get it started in the right direction, Oscar Treland agreed to take the Presidency for just the first year.  Under Oscar’s leadership, the chapter signed on 25 members its first year and got started on its way to becoming a solid and beneficial organization for the community.

Ken Toebe became the Regional Vice President; Pat Dettloff was the Vice President and Larry Dumman, the Secretary-Treasurer.  The Executive Board members were: Clayton Slack, Earl Knudson, Fred Nelson, Carol and Harold Bauer and Helly and Marion Heinrich.

Other Presidents of Hayward Lakes have been: Harry Bauer, Randy Lawry, Bob Timme, Doug Kaufman, Wayne Gutsch, Travis Olson and Janet Brandt.

Ken Toebe, Clayton Slack, Mike Brandt, Travis Olson and Randy Lawry have served as Regional Vice Presidents.

Mike Brandt has emerged as a leader, having served on many of the International Board’s committees.  Randy Lawry had Mike have represented their chapter at many State meetings, etc.  Randy and Mike also helped to put a one-of-a-kind, spectacular display of muskie mounts at our International Symposium on Muskellunge in La Crosse, WI in ’84.

The chapter has sponsored State outings, etc. and has proven to be the most gracious host at these events.

In 1982, the Hayward Lakes Chapter started purchasing muskie fingerlings for stocking in Sawyer County, WI lakes.  From 1982 through 1991 the chapter has stocked a total of 13,834 muskie fingerlings at a cost of $80,608.00.  They have also contributed generously to other chapters who are raising fingerlings.

In addition, Hayward Lakes Chapter has contributed $18,540 to such things as DNR research, youth programs, scholarships, the Symposium and other public service projects.

The fund raiser that has made all of the above possible, is a Fall Muskie Tournament sponsored by the chapter in the Hayward Lakes area.  It is probably the most popular muskie tournament in the state of Wisconsin, having grown from 313 contestants in 1979 to 685 contestants in 1991.  This growth is evidence that they are doing it right!  The tournament is release oriented, with very few fish being killed over the years.

The Hayward Lakes Chapter is made up of many fine anglers.  In 1986 their members caught 42 muskies over 40 inches in length - in ’89 there were 75 over 40 inches and in ’91 this figure rose to 93.

The following are a few of the outstanding catches by members of the Hayward Lakes Chapter:

* In October of 1982, Peter Haupt caught a 47 pound muskie that measured 54 ¾ inches.

* In September of 1982, Joe Jasek released a 50 inch muskie – one of the earliest 50 inch releases.

* In 1989, Darren Carlson released a 52 ½ inch muskie – the chapter’s longest release.

* Pete Maina caught record numbers of legal muskies in the past five years: in 1987, 120 fish for 876 ¼ points; in 1988 147 for 1238 points; in 1989, 100 for 982 points; in 1990, 118 fish for 1202 points and in 1991, 95 fish for 1100 points.  Fantastic!

* In 1988, Debbie Olson took First Place in the International Women’s Release Division with 30 fish, totaling 329 points.

* In 1989, Margaret Steiner took Second Place in the International Women’s Release Division and an award for the Wisconsin Women’s Largest Release.

* In 1987, Brent Hirsch won the chapter’ Junior Release and Weight Divisions with 10 fish totaling 58 points and a nice 19 pound muskie.

The Hayward Lakes is a very progressive chapter, is a valuable asset to Muskies, Inc. and their members are a fun bunch to be with.  We look forward to their participation in Muskies, Inc. for the years to come.”

A thank you to Vince Trotta (History/Archives) for providing our chapter with this information.

Post 1991 Update – more to follow.